Body Language Can Reveal A Lot About Your Relationship

These body language signs reveal the truth about your relationship. People don’t realize but body language tells you a lot about a person. It essentially can reveal various secrets about someone that they might not even realize about themselves. There’s a whole science to body language that many of us haven’t taken the time to learn about. For example, a pat on the top of the back is friendly and encouraging; something a friend might do. On the other hand, if someone touches your lower back it means they’re really interested in you romantically, and might even be in love with you.

But it goes beyond the individual. Being able to read body language can also reveal a lot about the relationship that you are in with someone. For example, in your mind, it could be going really great with the person you are with, but for them…things might be a little off. Body language can reveal all that. Learn reading body language.

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Intro – 0:00
Emphatic Eye Contact 1:22
The Way Their Feet Are Pointed 1:48
How Close They Are To You 2:15
The Head Tilt 2:38
Public Displays of Affection 2:59
They Try To Make You Laugh 3:24
They Smile Specifically At You 3:48
Mindful Posture 4:11


-You know if someone is really into you if there is an over-exaggeration of eye contact. I mean, every time you look up, that person is locking eyes with you.
– if during a conversation, the person is super into you and into what you are saying, notice their foot. The person will always sit or stand in a way that their feet are pointed towards you.
– The distance between bodies is a pretty strong indication of attraction. Even if you’ve been with the person for quite some time, you can use this body language to tell if they are interested in anything you are saying.
– Another way to tell if your partner is into you is watching the classic head tilt. It shows that you are not only interested but engaged in the conversation as well. That means, during conversation tilt your head while looking at them.
– Whether you are that couple that enjoys holding hands during dinner or not, it is a huge indication if someone is into you or not. Of course, some prefer not holding hands across the table but if it does happen, it’s a pretty good sign.
– Humor is a huge plus side to any relationship. If you can make someone you like or love laugh? Then you are good in their books. A way to tell if someone is into you is when they make a joke in a group of people, but they only look to you to make sure that you are laughing. No one else. This is a clear and strong sign.
– Guys specifically have this mysterious, masculine thing going on. A way you can tell if a guy is super into you is if he focuses his wide smiles on you and only you. Also, guys typically start to show their wide smiles in a photo, so if he does that with you…you are good in his books!
– The last body language sign that reveals the truth about your relationship is posture. That’s right. Men specifically tend to straighten up when a girl they like walks into the room. Typically, he was slouching before you came in and now he’s standing pretty nice and tall. So watch out for that.

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