Details Revealed About Meghan Markle & The Queen's Relationship

Queen Elizabeth II probably has some complicated feelings about Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife and the mother of her great-grandchild Archie. Considering Meghan and Harry’s decision to step away from their royal family roles and move to America, it’s no surprise that the gossip mill has been churning nonstop, cranking out stories about how the Queen really feels about Meghan.

Is Meghan’s “vim and vigor” impressive enough for the Queen to overlook #Megxit? Did the two really bond over a love of dogs? And what about those rumors that the Queen took to Meghan faster than she did to Kate Middleton? Here’s what we know about Meghan Markle and the Queen’s relationship.

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A positive first meeting | 0:00
Private support | 1:09
Vim and vigor | 2:06
Welcoming efforts | 2:59
A love for dogs | 4:03
A fast relationship | 4:56
Close friends | 5:58
Hide the family jewels | 7:11
Christmas shade? | 8:12
Blindsided | 9:15

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