Full Details Of RITA EDOCHIE’S Relationship With ADA JESUS Who Passed Away

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Nollywood actress Rita Edochie’s relationship with Ada Jesus brought her to the forefront of controversy and might have possibly dented her good image in the Nigerian entertainment industry.
23-year-old Imo-based comedian Ada Jesus passed away on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, a week after Rita Edochie wished death upon her. The young mother of one had been battling with a kidney-related disease for a year, and when her condition worsened, her family took her to Odumeje church to seek the forgiveness of the pastor and Rita Edochie. But the actress vehemently refused and instead wished her death for all the false accusations she levelled against her in the past. Rita, however, a few days later, forgive Ada Jesus. Still, her initial words to the late comedian seemingly came to pass as Ada Jeusu passed away while receiving treatment in an Abuja hospital.
Following her death, the veteran actress came under fire, and Nigerians on social media continue to accuse her of playing a role in the untimely death of the young comedian. Her refusal to post a condolences message for Ada Jesus and her family has further made aggrieved Nigerians continue calling her out.
So, who is Rita Edochie? Is the Nollywood actress really to blame for Ada Jesus’ death? What was her relationship with the late comedian like?
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