How to Create Conscious Intimacy In Your Relationship | Dr. Shefali

‘Like all good sex, this talk starts with a LOT of foreplay.’ Dr. Shefali reveals what it really takes to create conscious intimacy 🔥 If you’ve been left wanting more, discover Mindvalley’s unlimited personal growth courses (including Dr. Shefali’s)👉

Clinical Psychologist and critically acclaimed author Dr. Shefali believes that in order to be the most consciously intimate being possible in our sex life and to heal our intimacy issues once and for all, we have to embark on a journey into the past…

…introducing intimacy in marriage or even in the most casual relationship comes at a price. It requires a lot more personal growth than you could ever have imagined. You can’t find it hidden in a Kamasutra book.

In this talk you’ll learn:

❤️ What the greatest orgasmic pleasure possible is.- how to have the best sex life ever.

❤️ Which of your core needs were probably NOT met as a child, and how you project this pain into your relationship.

❤️ The problem with ‘falling in love’ without exploring spiritual growth and your true self.

❤️ The twin-beggar syndrome.

❤️ The real reason you may have a fear of intimacy.

Get prepared for a stark, spiritual awakening into raising consciousness in love, relationships, marriage and parenting.

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