How to Fix a Relationship That is Falling Apart

The best way to fix a relationship that is falling apart is to stop setting off negative chain reactions while you still can.

From this moment onwards, start setting off positive chain reactions, so both of you can breathe a sigh of relief and feel some hope that you can work things out.

When both of you start to feel happier and more in love, you can see that the relationship is going to get better and better now, so there’s no reason to break up.

That is the most effective, mature way to do it.

Gaining control over the chain reactions is what really stops a break up and makes a woman want to stay.

So, how does it work?

Here’s an example of a negative vs. positive chain reaction…

Negative chain reaction:

Regular arguments – leads to – you and her feeling angry at each other, resentful and possibly blame the other person for the problem – leads to – you and her feeling more and more disconnected from each other – lead to – You and her feel less and less happy in the relationship.

The arguments and the negative chain reactions that flow on from it, eventually become one of the things that leads to a break up.

Positive chain reaction:

Regular laughter – leads to – You and her feeling happy, relaxed and enjoy each other’s company – leads to – You and her feeling close and connected with each other.

The laughter and the positive chain reactions that flow on from it become one of the many things that keeps your relationship happy, in love and together for life.

Which of those is more like your current relationship?

The fact is, you can choose to continue allowing negative chain reactions to be set off in your relationship, which will cause you and her to remain on the brink of a break up, until it actually happens.

Alternatively, you can gain control over your relationship by actively setting off positive chain reaction effects from now on.

When you do that, both you and her will immediately start to feel better about each other and the relationship.

By the way…

What’s important to understand and remember, is that everything you say or do around your girlfriend or wife, either sets off a positive chain reaction effect or a negative one.

You are in control of it.

You can literally begin to steer the relationship into a more loving, relaxed, happy, close and enjoying relationship starting from today.

The more positive chain reaction effects you set off, the happier and more in love both of you will feel.

You can start doing it right now and you can get better and better at it over the coming weeks, months, years and decades.

As the days, months and years go on, your relationship will feel increasingly amazing for both you and her.

Neither of you will ever want to break up with each other because you will feel so good together.

No-one else will be able to replace either one of you and be able to set off the high level of positive chain reactions that happen in your relationship.

It makes your relationship practically unbreakable.

By the way…

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It’s very easy to do.

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Okay, see you in the next video!