LIVE: English Conversation Lesson: Relationships!

πŸ‘‰Join my husband Dan and I for this special LIVE English conversation about a “non-English learning” topic: relationships. 😍What are some keys to maintaining a healthy, strong relationship? I’m sure you’ll learn a lot of advanced vocabulary!

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πŸ‘‰4:24 Take it with a grain of salt
πŸ‘‰5:58 To be a good fit
πŸ‘‰7:12 To rush
πŸ‘‰8:25 An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
πŸ‘‰9:41 Marital counseling, pre-marital counseling
πŸ‘‰12:07 Serious vs Light
πŸ‘‰16:27 To place blame/ To play the blame game
πŸ‘‰16:52 To make excuses
πŸ‘‰17:33 To crumble
πŸ‘‰18:19 To have insight into something
πŸ‘‰19:40 Pick/Choose your battles
πŸ‘‰20:20 To nag
πŸ‘‰21:32 To build up
πŸ‘‰21:47 Emotional regulation
πŸ‘‰23:37 To be even keeled
πŸ‘‰24:42 (Household) Chores
πŸ‘‰24:42 To delegate
πŸ‘‰27:45 To negotiate (our roles)
πŸ‘‰28:07 To read someone’s mind
πŸ‘‰28:35 To beat around the bush
πŸ‘‰31:05 To check in (with someone)
πŸ‘‰35:17 To go over
πŸ‘‰37:09 A budget/ To budget/ To keep a budget
πŸ‘‰39:25 To be on the same page


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