The Truth About Prince Harry And Kate Middleton's Relationship

William and Kate — Harry and Meghan. Both couples have taken turns being royal sweethearts in the public eye, but what do the members of the fab four think about each other? And how do they act around each other when the cameras aren’t looking?

The relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William is notoriously said to be strained in the wake of Harry and Meghan’s departure from the UK and the royal family. Caught in the middle of that relationship is Kate Middleton, and her true feelings about Harry and William might surprise you. Here’s the truth about the relationship between Prince Harry and Kate Middleton.

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Harry, meet Kate | 0:00
Bonding with Harry | 1:18
The sister he never had | 2:19
Neighbors | 3:18
Confiding in Kate | 4:21
Uncle Harry | 5:21
Kate’s role in the rift | 6:21
That Oprah interview | 7:21
Harry’s royal exit | 8:39
Reunited | 9:34
Kate the peacemaker? | 10:28

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