The Truth About William & Charles' Relationship Revealed

With the passing of Prince Phillip, all eyes seem to have turned to the inner workings and relationships of the British royal family. Prince Phillip has left Prince Charles without a father and Prince William without a grandfather, but what about their own relationship? It’s a complicated one to be sure, as Prince Charles divorced Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, shortly before her death in order to marry Camilla Parker Bowles. That’s not even to mention Prince Charles’ persistent predilection for choosing royal engagements over his own family. So, what’s the deal with this royal father-son duo? Here’s the truth.

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“Poisoned” against his father? | 0:15
A “remote figure”? | 1:11
An “embarrassing” dad, at times | 2:19
Keeping in touch | 3:00
The Camilla question | 3:49
There for William and Harry | 4:43
Charles is proud | 5:30
William’s wish | 6:33

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